Digify is a virtual data room with all the features you need for businesses of any size. There is an opportunity to set access rights, encrypt data, apply dynamic watermarks, monitor document changes, and so on.

General information about the program

Digify was founded in 2011 in California. Since then, the provider has continuously developed, thanks to which it has received several significant awards. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that you get strict security, convenient functionality, and a simple interface.

The program’s cost starts from $100 per month and depends on your chosen plan. The simplest rates may be suitable for small businesses. At the same time, more expensive connectivity options are ideal for large and medium-sized companies.

The provider promises a round-the-clock support service for its customers – you can contact it by phone or email. However, remember that corporate customers will receive a response from the support service first (on a first-come, first-served basis).


Digify has taken every possible step to make its data room as interesting as possible for people interested in their data security.

First of all, all technical characteristics of the data room are brought to international standards: there is encryption, everything complies with international protocols, and there is two-factor user authentication and integration with the authentication infrastructure.

Security of confidential documents

The program’s creators paid special attention to the security of storing data in a virtual room. The company’s chief administrator or founder independently controls their employees’ access to files. This is done by providing access via a link or email. If you mistakenly gave access to the wrong employee, you can revoke it in a few clicks.

In the virtual data room, you can independently set how long a document is available for viewing by one or another person. Access may be revoked at the end of the term, and the file automatically deleted from the data room.

Of course, all the necessary document protection measures, such as watermarks, a screen shield, and preview notifications, are present here. All this helps to avoid leakage of documents – potential intruders will not be able to download or photograph them.


You can change the design of the virtual data room to suit your preferences – here; you can customize backgrounds and email notifications. You can also integrate your logos, brand colors, and slogan into the data room.


Digify has ensured you can use all the convenient tools without leaving the data room. So, all information remains under the strongest possible protection. You can import data into Digify from services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

It integrates Gmail and Outlook, Zapier, Salesforce, Slack and Shopify, and many other programs that you need to work.

How to get started with VDR?

You need to choose the appropriate plan and create a virtual data room to get started. Then set up importing files into it from third-party service or upload from a computer. After that, set up access for employees and enjoy your work.